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The Aspiring Lateral: The Culture Question


August 21, 2013

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Levenfeld Pearlstein will be authoring a new series of articles to be published on the legal website Above the Law. The article series, titled, "The Aspiring Lateral," will analyze a variety of issues surrounding lateral moves, drawing on the firm’s experience in the lateral market as well as the individual experiences of LP attorneys.

The fourth installment in our article series is "The Aspiring Lateral: The Culture Question," written by Bryan Schwartz.

From the article:

The cultural questions that should concern laterals most do not have to do with the frequency of happy hours, the annual barbeque, or the degree of a partnership’s collective inebriation at the holiday party. Instead, the most important question of culture is this: does this firm have a motivating purpose beyond the production of income for its individual lawyers?

If it doesn’t, the firm does not have a culture at all. It is a series of offices, which exist to house individual lawyers while they bill time. That is all some people want in a firm, but I think those people are rare, and I think they could certainly have more fulfilling careers.

Read the full article here.

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