Angie Hickey to Present in Ark Group's Client Growth Strategies Program

The University of Chicago

November 12, 2015

Executive Director, Angie Hickey will be a speaker during Ark Group's Client Growth Strategies for Legal Services program. This program will showcase a client-centric approach to winning & retaining business. Angie will present on 'Client Service Innovation: New Data and Measures,' which will discuss law firm client service approaches, models and measures that industry leaders are employing to better serve their clients, enable stronger relationships, and provide a platform for differentiation and growth.

Key discussion topics will include: 

  • The changing nature of legal marketing and why law firms must change their marketing priorities
  • Triggers toward action: Connecting the dots between client service, the client experience and the bottom line
  • What clients want from their firms, beyond practical legal advice
  • The challenges firms face when launching and supporting a sophisticated client service program
  • How law firms can demonstrate the firm's broader value proposition as part of its pricing strategy
  • Developing a strategic plan to keep your clients' data secure


For more information and registration, please click here.


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