Angie Hickey Featured in TabTimes Article

October 31, 2011

Angela Hickey, Executive Director of Chicago law firm Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC, was featured in the October 31, 2011 article on The article, "Legal tablets: Bellefield helps lawyers manage time and clients" says that the legal industry isn’t known for quick adoption of new technology. But tablets are an obvious help to attorneys on the go, and law firms are looking for new technologies to help.

From the article

In a recent survey by the International Legal Technology Association, 25 percent of technology decision-makers at law firms cited tablets as a major technology purchase in the last 12 months. Another 25 percent plan to purchase tablets in the next 12 months. Another study, by the American Bar Association, found about 15 percent of lawyers use a tablet device for work (mostly iPad).

The enthusiasm for new technology is a welcome change among attorneys, noted Angela Hickey, executive director of Chicago-based law firm Levenfeld Pearlstein, which will soon be implementing the iTimeKeep app. In a poll, the firm’s attorneys with iPads said they would keep time on them if they were able to. And 70 percent of those without an iPad said they’d consider getting one if they could keep time on it.

Using the iTimeKeep app makes sense from a business perspective because it’s affordable and easily implemented, Hickey said, adding that integration would take about two hours. She also said that anything that would help attorneys better manage clients helps the bottom line.

In addition to working with Bellefield, Levenfeld Pearlstein is working with an app provider called Rover Apps (maker of Rover Retriever) to integrate the firm’s business intelligence dashboard—featuring key client relationship data—onto mobile devices.

“Half of my attorneys have iPads and they love them, and they are using them for everything they possibly can. And they are also asking to use them for things they can’t yet,” Hickey said.

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