Angela Hickey to be panelist at 2013 Law Firm Financial Management Conference

Los Angeles, CA

August 23, 2013

LP's Executive Director, Angie Hickey, will be speaking at the 2013 Law Firm Financial Management Conference in Los Angeles on August 23rd.  Angie's panel, "Change Management: Improving Work Flow Processes" will feature several law firms who have recently implemented major changes in their financial work flow processes in areas such as paperless pro forma, automated new business intake, automated time entry and business intelligence. The panel will discuss their experiences, sharing lessons learned and best practices for implementing process changes.


  • Discuss how to make the business case for a major process change
  • Examine how to select the vendors and products, and manage the work of the vendors
  • Plan and implement the change
  • Identify how to get attorney acceptance of the change and drive compliance with new processes


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