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Andrea Crews quoted in National Law Journal article, “Give Marketing a Seat at the Table”


March 22, 2012

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Andrea Crews, Director of Marketing and Business Development, was quoted in a National Law Journal article on March 22, 2012. In the article, "Give Marketing a Seat at the Table," Andrea discusses what it takes for legal marketers to prove they deserve that seat. She said they have to earn it.

From the article:

"Executing on holiday cards and pamphlets is not enough. They need to prove themselves by pushing the envelope."

Don't just declare that your firm is entrepreneurial-truly be entrepreneurial. That means taking risks and allowing your marketing director to take risks. I know "risk" is a bad word for lawyers, but true entrepreneurship does not exist in a risk-free world. Obviously, the risks need to be managed, but managing risks is what lawyers should be good at. Far too often, marketing directors walk on eggshells to avoid blow-back over their marketing strategies. "Legal marketers need to be given the opportunity to leave a legacy," Crews said.

Ditch titles like "nonlawyer." In fact, even "staff" is not as good as "team member" or "talent." Your firm likely hires some very talented legal secretaries, paralegals and marketing professionals and could benefit from dropping the dismissive titles.


To read the entire article, click here

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