The LP Way


Expect nothing less than an unparalleled client experience.

What We Did

The LP Way is nothing new. We have been practicing and refining The LP Way for years now. It is our strategy for creating an unparalleled client experience. You may have heard your favorite LP attorney mention The LP Way, and you might have even read about it as a case study in the book Growth Strategies for the Modern Law Firm. We don't want that maybe or might to exist anymore. We want to be sure you know about The LP Way and why it is important to our client’s relationship with LP.


How This Impacts You

The LP Way informs every single one of your interactions with anyone and everyone at LP. It’s not a marketing gimmick: It is our business strategy. The LP Way is a five-step process whereby we: 1) attract and retain talent, 2) lead by example, 3) cultivate effective practice groups, 4) align systems, and 5) ask for feedback. It is these five steps that allow us to reach our goal of providing an unparalleled client experience. Our work to refine and improve the processes included in these five steps is ongoing, so expect to hear a lot more about The LP Way.