Our References

We take pride in cultivating meaningful relationships with our clients, informing a deep understanding of the factors that influence their decisions. It’s no coincidence that those factors are tied directly to values LP holds dear. You are invited to learn about each of these below. They are components of the LP client experience for one reason – they are vitally important to our clients, which make them critical to us. We hope you will also read our clients’ own views on how we measure up in each category.  


What is it? Responsiveness can mean different things to different people. We believe in being easy to access. We make ourselves available and work efficiently. Clients can rely on LP to deliver when we say we will.

Why is it important? Many major business and life decisions benefit from the involvement of a lawyer. These are high-leverage issues that understandably cause anxiety, and it is our responsibility to help alleviate as much of it as we can by valuing your time and being responsive to your needs.



What is it? Too often competence is equated with experience. We believe competence is far more than the sum of one’s years in practice. It is the amalgamation of attributes like knowledge, proficiency, quality of counsel, diverse capabilities, substantive experience, skill, and a continued dedication to refining one’s craft.

Why is it important? Above all else, an attorney must be competent. In the absence of competence, none of the other factors we are discussing here matter. It is perhaps the one true deal breaker.



What is it? Budgets are a very real thing and we understand questions about cost are really questions of value. We consistently focus on ways to save you money, make you money and ensure you get what you paid for. Value is much more than just time and money. It’s also about the intangibles that are difficult to capture in black and white.

Why is it important? No matter the industry, everyone wants to feel they have received a great value. And while price alone should never be a determining factor when selecting counsel, value certainly is and should be.



What is it? Legal counsel is just one piece of a much larger equation. To us, being good counsel means taking a holistic view of our clients’ issues – addressing the challenges at hand while simultaneously understanding how they fit into the story and trajectory of you or your company.

Why is it important? Our clients come to us because they have legal issues they need solved. The immediate issue might require competent legal counsel, but rarely do these issues occur in a vacuum.



What is it? To us, convenience means that we stick to our pledge of no surprises. It also means that our focus on process improvement is dedicated to making your interactions with LP as seamless as possible.

Why is it important? Your business is already complex. Your law firm should make things easier, not more difficult.



What is it? To be a good lawyer and a good law firm, you need to be honest, courteous, and principled. Integrity means conducting our business in accordance with the ethical obligations of our profession. Practicing and upholding the law is an honor and privilege that we never take for granted.

Why is it important? You hire a lawyer because you are doing important things in your life and business. Such matters should only be trusted to those you hold in the highest regard – those who follow the same moral compass you follow.


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