Keep harassment and retaliation out of your office.

News headlines are filled with allegations of sexual abuse and harassment, with fresh accusations what feels like every day. Businesses need to face the elephant in the room and educate their management and employees about harassment, retaliation, and the company’s expectations of and duties to its employees.

With this in mind, Levenfeld Pearlstein’s Labor & Employment Practice Group is pleased to offer an Anti-Harassment and Anti-Retaliation Training Program led by experienced attorneys, which sets an important and serious tone that discrimination, harassment, and retaliation will not be tolerated at your company. Using scenarios informed by case law and our clients' experiences, we provide employees the tools to recognize harassment and retaliation and empower them to take appropriate, timely action. A well-trained workforce is your best defense against deterring harassment and retaliation.

LP’s anti-harassment/anti-retaliation training uses a four-pronged approach:



We set the foundation by making sure everyone understands what harassment is.



We make sure employees know what to do if they experience or observe harassment in the workplace and how best to report it.



We educate attendees about what actions the company will take (investigation, non-retaliation, etc.) if harassment does occur.



We empower employees to take a role in keeping harassment and retaliation out of the workplace going forward.

About the Program

Effective January 1, 2020, the Workplace Transparency Act (SB 75) requires that all employees complete sexual harassment prevention training by December 31, 2020, and on an annual basis thereafter.

With employers understandably focusing on COVID-19-related issues, those with employees in Illinois are still required to conduct sexual harassment prevention training in compliance with the WTA’s requirements. In-person training is not explicitly required and LP will be offering a remote program. Alternatively, employers can conduct the training on their own with IDHR’s Training Program. Download the model Sexual Harassment Prevention Training program in PowerPoint format.  Download the training in a PDF format.  


Two Sessions in One

Managers and supervisors play a different role in identifying and stopping harassment in the workforce than employees, so our program includes two training sessions:

  • Employee Session: This approximately 60-minute session is geared toward non-supervisory employees of the company and is designed to educate and empower employees to identify and properly respond to discrimination, harassment and retaliation. 

  • Manager Session: The roughly 90-minute manager session, which includes anyone who supervises other employees and anyone with HR responsibilities, covers the basics of anti-harassment training in the workforce and teaches attendees about their specific role in preventing harassment and responding to retaliation.

A Custom Approach

The training program fee also includes review and revision of your company's anti-harassment and anti-retaliation policies. We incorporate those policies into the training materials for your sessions and will focus on hypotheticals and scenarios for any areas of particular concern to your company (sexual harassment, issues of race, age, national origin, etc.).

Training You Can Use Again

If you choose, you may videotape our session to use with employees who missed the training, new hires, and in circumstances where an employee needs a specific reminder.

Investment: $3,500

This flat fee covers preparation and presentation of one employee and one manager session. Additional employee sessions are $600 and manager and supervisor sessions are $900, provided they are held on the same day as the main program. 

Training sessions can be conducted remotely.

Schedule a Session for Your Company Now.

If you would like more information about this program or would like to schedule a session, please contact:

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Questions about LP's Anti-Harassment and Anti-Retaliation Program? Read our FAQs. 


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